Light Boxes - A Fusion of Art, Light and Photography

The art of good lighting is the art of good living. Lighting transforms rooms from the mundane to the magical, creating the ambience and atmospheres to suit our different moods, needs and purposes. 

LumiArt is a fusion of art, light and photography that will enhance almost any room in the house, (except bathrooms). An elegantly simple design that can be wall mounted or free standing. It produces ambient lighting behind a stunning image to add light, warmth and colour to your room. 

Customers have the option of using from the attractive designs by Aaron Broadhouse, including flowers, landscapes, seascapes and animals, or their own images. 

It's suitable for creating a relaxing ambience and adding interest to almost anywhere in the house, (except bathrooms). It could even be used as a children's nightlight as all light boxes use 25watt LED bulbs. 

All light boxes are PAT tested before being sold to customers. Safety is paramount to us here at Photal Photography.

LumiArt creator Aaron Broadhouse is available to work on special commissions. Please contact him on 07474 447618 for a quote on your exact specifications.